It was Fall 2001 when I first met Rebecca Hunter. She’d come to Columbia, Illinois to give a talk on Sears Homes, and I lived in nearby Alton, Illinois.  I was so nervous about meeting her. She was not just Rebecca Hunter, she was Dr. Rebecca Hunter and I’d read about her research and she sounded so impressive!  She’d written several articles on kit homes, and (like me) she was in the process of writing a book on kit homes.

As it turned out, there was nothing to worry about. Within minutes of meeting, we were chatting away like old friends, talking “shop” about where we’d been and what we’d found. It was heavenly to find someone with whom I could prattle on about my passion:  Sears Homes.

Soon afterward, we went driving around Wood River (next door to Alton) and Rebecca let out a happy scream and I responded by saying, “What, what?!?”

Before the car came to a complete stop, she jumped out and did the happy dance on the street, in front of this Wardway Fairview. I knew there were dozens of Sears Homes in this neighborhood, but I’d never been able to identify this beautiful bungalow – until I met Rebecca.

When Dale and I started talking about our book on Wardway Homes, I knew that I had to get a picture of this Fairview in Wood River. In all my travels since then (to more than 25 states), I’ve never seen another Wardway Fairview. It’s wonderful to have help finding these architectural gems but it’s even more delightful to have discovered a dear friend like Rebecca Hunter. Visit her website here.

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Wardway Fairvew from the 1921 Wardway catalog

Wardway Fairview in Wood River, Illinois

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