Montgomery Ward offered many nice-looking bungalows in their mail-order catalogs and the Winstead was (is) one of my favorites. It’s cute, practical, well-designed and has space on the second floor for the “growing family.”  This Winstead (see picture below) is located in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

When Dale and I drove around in Colonial Heights on December 30th, 2006, we found an impressive collection of kit homes from Sears, Aladdin, Gordon Van Tine, Lewis Manufacturing and – of course – Montgomery Wards.

That was a fun day and a happy time. You see, it was two days before my wedding and Dale had driven from Michigan to Norfolk, Virginia, just to attend my wedding on January 1st. The morning of the 30th, he came into town and told me, “This is your happy time and we can do anything you want to do. Just name it.”

I said, “Dale, I’m a little stressed out about this big wedding coming up. I’d like to hop in the car and ride up to Richmond with you and look for kit homes.”

Dale smiled.  “Let’s go,” he said. “We’ll have fun.”

So that’s how we spent December 30th, 2006.

Colonial Heights is a small city just outside of Virginia’s capitol (which is Richmond, for the geographically challenged). Dale and I found more than two dozen kit homes in a very short time. A few months later, I returned to Colonial Heights to give a talk on the plethora of kit homes that Dale and I found.

Here’s a picture of the Wardway Winstead.

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The Wardway Winstead - from the 1927 Wardway Catalog

Close-up of the house

Wardway Winstead in Colonial Heights, looking much like it did when built in the early 1920s.