One of the most prevalent misconceptions about “kit homes” is that they’re square and boxy affairs, simple and modest.

That’s not the case. While Aladdin and Sears and Montgomery Ward did have a few very simple houses, they also offered designs that were quite grand and massive. The Aladdin Villa is a beautiful example of that. The living room is 16 x 26, with an attached sunporch that measures 10 x 26. Combining the two rooms creates a space of 26 by 26, or an impressive 676 square feet – just in the living room and sunporch!

Dale and I have found Villas in many places, including Atlanta, Georgia, Scotland Neck, North Carolina,  and Quinter, Kansas!

Enjoy the photos below.

Aladdin Villa as seen in the 1919 Aladdin catalog

Floorplan of the Aladdin Villa

Close-up of the Aladdin Villa

Aladdin Villa in Quinter, KS

Perfect in every way, this Villa is in Atlanta.

Located in the small North Carolina town of Scotland Neck, this Aladdin Villa is also in excellent condition.

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