Several months ago, I was working with a reporter doing a feature story on the kit homes of Annapolis, Maryland. As we were driving out of town in separate cars, we passed this Wardway Carlyle (see below). I immediately pulled into a side street and parked. The reporter and photographer followed suit.

As soon as I was out of the car, the reporter and photographer both asked excitedly, “Did you see another one?”

The smile on my face answered their question. I showed them an image from a 1920s Wardway Homes catalog. The photographer spoke up and said, “That’s it! That’s the house!”

It was early afternoon, but I’d already found about 40 kit homes in the historic¬† town of Annapolis. We were all surprised to find so many kit homes in a town so close to the nation’s capitol.

This fine old bungalow had had an enormous dormer added to the second floor, but nonetheless, it’s still a Wardway Carlyle, looking remarkably similar to its 1925 picture in the old catalog.

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Wardway Carlisle

Wardway Carlyle in Annapolis, MD

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