When Montgomery Ward added pre-cut homes to their catalogs in 1917, they subcontracted the orders to Gordon Van Tine.  In many cases, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish a Wardway Home from a Gordon Van Tine home without inspecting the interior.

And then there’s Sears Homes.

There are many Wardway designs that are identical to houses offered by Sears. The Sears Crafton is one of those designs. Pictured below is a Sears Crafton (1916 catalog) compared to the Wardway Venice (1917 Wardway catalog). The extant photo is a beautiful example of this house in Raleigh, North Carolina. Is it a Wardway home or a Sears Home?

Only the homeowner could know for sure. And he/she probably doesn’t realize that their home is a historically significant kit home from a mail-order company!

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Sears Crafton from the 1916 Modern Homes catalog.

The Wardway Venice

Wardway or Sears? (Raleigh, NC)