Wardway Homes (offered by Montgomery Ward) were not nearly as popular as kit homes from Aladdin (which sold more than 75,000 houses) or Sears (about 70,000 houses) or Gordon Van Tine (about 50,000 houses). Dale estimates that Wardway sold about 25,000 houses during their years in the kit home business (1909-1931).

The Claremont was one of my favorite Wardway Homes. It was cute, practical and probably pretty easy to build.

The Claremont as seen in the 1927 catalog.

Below is a Claremont in Illinois (Lombard). Thanks to Rebecca Hunter for finding this little gem.

And thanks to Rebecca for driving me to this house to get a photo!

Rebecca is also a gem!!  :)

Here's a Claremont in Lombard, Illinois. Thanks to Rebecca Hunter for finding this little gem, and then driving me to the house to get the photo!

Is this also a Claremont?

The house above is in Hampton, Virginia. My husband (who’s pretty interested in this) says it’s not a Claremont.

I’m still undecided.

Opinions are welcome!

Another view of the Claremont, from the 1927 Wardway catalog.

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